I’ve been waiting for so long for someone to come and save me

all my paint is cracked and the water’s leakin through my walls

I’ve been standing in one place feels like its been an eternity

I got so many windows and not one holds heat at all

My ceilings are slumping and my floors all feel so shaky

years of running in one place took a toll on wooden bones

No foundation left to build on no reason for us to stay here

we could run away if my feet werent cemented in solid ground

you can patch up my leaks and level out my floors forever

it won’t matter how many pictures of the memories we hang

cause the things in this body and the house are all but broken

charred oak and faulty wiring are the only things left to blame

I wear my heart out on my sleeve

so that everyone can see

there’s no guilt

just the heart/home she left behind.


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