reasonings for the seasonings

I’ve been tapping in to a bunch of design blogs that I have truly come to love. I’m going to share some of that love with you here, now, in the nude.



iso50 is absolutely the shit. Scott is a design master and a lot of his shit is a sight to behold, not to mention the fact that he’s a pretty bitchin electronic music artist as well and goes under the band name Tycho. The sheer amount of posts he and his evildoers do on a weekly basis is amazing, that doesnt even touch on the technical information, awesome videos and general wealth of knowledge to be explored on the blog. Scott has a wealth of knowledge that he’s been so kind as to shell out on every occasion he can; from explaining what raid 0 and 1 drives do for you and your files to reviewing some sweet musical equipment. ISO50 is a renaissance mans design blog.

a DDC Joint

a DDC Joint

I’ve been following the blog of Aaron Draplin of the DDC (Draplindustries Design Company) very closely as of late. His blatant use of profanity and “yer” made him a quick favorite of mine. He’s had his hands all over the snowboarding industry and is part of the coolest sketchbook makers this side of a child labor camp: Field Notes. You can also see a sneak preview of the documentary coming out soon that is apparently about him here. (lots of F-words, great story though.) Oh yeah, not only is everything he says hilarious and his blog posts are usually super good, Aaron is also a hell of a graphic designer too.

I was recently turned on to this website by Steve Wasson called Grain Edit. Grain edit is a collection of uber inspiring work from several designers all over the place. I suggest checking it out if you have the brain shits one day. There are some seriously awesome designers and products touched on in their space on the web. Worth mentioning are the articles on Delicious Design League and the neither fish nor foul interview.

Sascha Barr of

Sascha Barr of

I don’t think there will never be a time in my life as a creative when I don’t gush over Sascha Barr. I love his work and the overall aesthetic of the stuff he does. He’s made posters for a friend or two of mine and for people I can’t even begin to wonder what it’s like to work for as well. He comes off as a nice and humble dude via email and is eager to answer questions if you have them. If you have time check his stuff out at length and make sure to check the detailed images.

I think my blog is going to slowly but surely become a place for me to share more and more of my design oriented feelings and inspirations. Next time I’ll be exploring the effect of post modernism on the printmaking world at large… nah I’m just fucking with you. It’ll probably be dick and fart jokes.

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