“hooking up the ball and chain”

So, I’m getting married.

I know, you guys had no idea and might possibly be blindsided by the thought or idea of Keaton Taylor being married… If you’ve known me for ten years or more you know how much of a fuck up I’ve been in my life, but you also know that there’s some good inside these bones. There’s some candor and realism in these bones. Chances are there are parts of you in these bones.  Chances are are also good that we’ve shared more than a couple of good laughs, beers and maybe, just maybe some legitimately sad times. I mostly want to thank all of you for being a part of me… a part of these bones, a calcium sediment hardened into the fabric of me.

I keep using bones as a metaphor for my relationship to so many people for a few reasons. Bones are strong, really strong. The average human femur can bare a quarter of a ton of pressure before breaking… strong. The thing about bone is that it grows and regrows and reshapes and is affected by outside sources but is the reason we are able to stand as we do. I can’t measure my friends and family in Pascals, Bars or psi. I measure the memories and the bonds made over late nights in a damp garage, early mornings on a dirty floor and the burning July heat at 11 PM in an oldsmobile. We’ve seen people come and go, we’ve seen girls come and go, and go, and go. Now I’m transitioning to a point where a girl wants to stay. Forever. That’s a big deal for me. I’ve been through a girl or two and I’ve watched them walk away from me and the things I did and said, and I did nothing. My inaction with most of those people was a product of a life I was living that was baring no real fruit. I was wandering haphazardly from pseudo relationship-to-pseudo relationship wondering when it would all end. It ended August 2009. I met the girl of my dreams on her birthday IN A BAR – Take that every relationship analyst ever! I was instantly enamored and completely blown away by her eloquence, charm and intensely curly red hair. I was hooked. Fast forward to the beginning of march and here we are – planning a wedding.

I’m excited and relieved and scared shitless all at the same time and with good reason. This is a hefty decision. As most know I come from a background that values marriage about as much as an extra hole in the head. I think (thought?) marriage is a sham. It’s primarily used in our society as a way for christian kids to have sex or for the secular world to “figure things out.” Honestly, If I thought for a second this was the wrong decision I assure every last one of you I would call this wedding off in a heartbeat and wouldn’t have gotten into this position in the first place. It’s fast… I’m aware, telling me that doesn’t do anything but make me wonder if you think I’m stupid (I’m not.) and make me like you just a tad less. So, What do I want from you? friends, readers, confidants? Support. That’s it. I want you guys to be like “Hey man. I’m pumped that you’re happy. Good luck and here’s a spatula.”

So now… you need to know some things: the wedding is may 31st. it is in fact a Monday, Memorial Day to be exact. So what you’re going to wanna do is go to brendaandkeaton.com periodically and wait for the website to go live where you can get directions, our registry and RSVP to the thing. After the wedding and the honeymoon we’re gonna have a party… a THROWDOWN if you will. At this THROWDOWN we’re going to have some brews, cook some dogs, eat some cake and generally have a good time. The THROWDOWN is TBD as far as a date goes but we’ll let you know asap. So, thanks for reading, thanks for the well wishes and I hope to see you guys in a couple months!



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